Dental Web

A project for a dentist’s site with service details, testimonials, contact info, and a chatbot.
December 22, 2023
Web Design / Development
Check Website
Objective 1
Improve patient engagement
Objective 2
Enhance user experience
Objective 3
Streamline appointment booking
  1. Objective: To create a professional, user-friendly website for a dental practice.
  2. Features:
    • Comprehensive information about the dental services offered.
    • Patient testimonials.
    • Doctor's Certifications
    • Contact details and location map.
    • A chatbot for instant patient support and inquiries.
  3. Design Revisions: Two design revisions were made to ensure the website met the client's expectations.
  4. Development of Chatbot: Integrated a chatbot to enhance patient interaction and support, which took one week to develop.
  5. Timeline: The final design, including all features and revisions, was completed within a month.

The chatbot integration aimed to improve user experience by providing instant responses to common queries, assisting with appointment bookings, and offering basic information about services, thus enhancing the overall functionality of the website.

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