Sound therapy corporation, featuring services, testimonials, and contact info.
March 16, 2024
Web Developer
Check Website
Objective 1
Promote sound therapy
Objective 2
Engage potential clients
Objective 3
Provide educational resources

Objective: To create a professional, user-friendly website for a sound therapy corporation.


  • Detailed information about sound therapy services.
  • Client testimonials and success stories.
  • Contact details and inquiry form.
  • Educational resources on sound therapy benefits.

Design Revisions: Two design revisions were made to ensure the website met the client's expectations.

Timeline: The final design, including all features and revisions, was completed within a month.

The project aimed to provide an engaging user experience by offering comprehensive service information, showcasing client success stories, and facilitating easy communication through an inquiry form, thereby enhancing the overall functionality and appeal of the website.

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